Delinquent tax filing! Oh no!

Don’t worry. Let’s sit down and talk about it. I have several clients that come to me at various times of the year who have fallen behind on their tax filing. They are anxious, worried, and frustrated. The reason for late filing varies with each individual. The reason could be a divorce, health, financial, or dare I say procrastination. I encourage them not to worry. I explain to them the process of filing the returns. I help with answering all their questions. I am always in constant contact with the client. In most cases the steps are relatively easy:

1. I obtain a power of attorney so that I may speak with the IRS on behalf of the client.

2. Complete all outstanding returns.

3. Answers all questions the client may have.

4. Finally encourage them to come and visit me early next year.

If you have someone who has fallen off the grid (outstanding tax filing) have them give me a call. Whether they are on extension or behind 20 yrs. I will help them plot a course and  get back up to speed. In some cases the client is due a refund.