Communicating With Your CPA for a Successful Tax Season

Communication  with your CPA is the key to a successful tax filing season. Take the time to do the following:

1. Send your CPA an email  and let him or her know you will be filing with them  this upcoming tax season.

2. Ask your CPA:  are there any tax saving tips that you should be looking out for?  Be proactive when it comes to tax savings.

3. Prepare a folder with year end documents for your CPA.

4. Set up a date and time to meet. Be prepared. Your CPA is glad to see. I am always happy to see my clients.

5. Know how much it cost to complete your return and the approximate date it will be completed.

6. Ask questions: how can I save on my taxes, discuss retirement goals (more for CFP), and your grip on consumer debt (credit cards/student loans)?

7. Talk about your goals with your CPA. After I finish my tax interview with my clients I always ask about their goals.

8. Make sure the CPA is returning emails, phone calls, and communicating with you. One of the early signs that there is an issue is when you do not heard back from your CPA in a timely manner.

9. Make sure the CPA is a good fit for you (personality).

10. Follow-up if necessary.

I hope these ten tips help with communicating with your CPA.