Corporation and Partnership Returns Due Date on Extension

If you established a LLC that is taxed as a corporation or partnership and filed an extension for 2014 the due date for  those returns is September 15th. Several business owners especially those in their  first year of filing are unaware of the due date. Most business owners have a difficult time properly compiling their records because of the confusion and stress brought on by the establishment of their business in the first year. They are also concerned that they will not be able to cover the cost of having  the work done by a professional and try to do the work themselves. In most cases they tend to procrastinate or file incorrectly. I always offer a free initial face to face or over the phone consultation for first time clients. In this particular meeting I guide them thru the filing process taking into account  the stress that they are under. They find the process streamlined and usually state the same remarks afterwards, “thank you for getting that  monkey off my back.” I don’t know what it would be like to have a monkey on my back but I would assume that I would want it  removed quickly. Just a little Crunch Time humor.