Trust: Build It and Earn It!

Over the 24yrs that I have been in business I have learned that my clients are expecting to trust my judgment in advising them when it comes to handling their tax returns. I have learned a lot by listening  to my clients, studying the tax code by taking continuing education seminars required to maintain my license, and networking with other successful CPAs. At the core of my business philosophy is  the desire for my clients to trust that I have their best interest at heart. I desire to achieve a level of trust with my clients so that they  look at me not just as their  CPA but as a trusted friend. A trusted friend who has their best interest and well being at heart. A trusted friend that will do the best that he can  to make sure the advice given is accurate. I thoroughly enjoy being a CPA and building a true trust relationship with my clients. On several occasions I have had to refer my client to other professionals that I work with. When contacting the professional I always refer to my client as my friend.